Friday, 14 November 2014

Lower Darwen, 10% Yield on a 1 bed cottage. No brainer

I've said it before, that's cos it's true... I love Lower Darwen. It's great Landlord investment territory. The location ticks so many boxes and demand is so strong, which in turn means we can always get the best yields on decent stock.

Check out this little baby that Debs at our office has just sold from one Landlord to another.

The reason the previous owner decided to sell is quite simple and pretty common. He bought it as a refub property, did it up to a nice standard. We then rented it out within a matter of hours from when we put it on the market for a nice decent rent of £100 per week. The plan was to rent it for a year or two and then sell it so he could do another refub job and buy something closer to where he lived.

Anyway, Debs put it on the market at £55k (a sensible price) and it sold nice and easy to another newbie landlord. A great addition to any portfolio. Nice yield too. (Petty much 10%)

Take a look at it...

Lower Darwen great Landlord Investor territory

If you are thinking of buying in Lower Darwen why not send me the details and I'll give you my thoughts? Better still, why not call in for a coffee (we only do nice coffee) and a chat. You know where I am... Ainsworth Lord Estates on Market Street in Darwen town centre, opposite the Darwen Your Move office. I'm in most days.
If you want to drop me an email, send it to I'll drop you a reply - no probs!

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