Friday, 19 December 2014

Redearth Road Darwen, Potentially an easy 10% Yield.

Redearth Road has had some bad press over the last 10-15 years or so, and for some good reason too. But that's in the past and since Sainsbury's came to town and then more recently the new DACA Academy, things have looked up.

I get some cracking yields on Redearth Road, but there is a knack to it, and I'm not talking rocket science here, more the use of experience and tweaks of the trade.

See this little baby here..

Rental Investment on Redearth Road, Darwen

Well, this little baby has been reduced twice now, from a whopping £70k to £60k and just now down to Offers Over £55k, so it gets my attention now, as it's sensible money for sure!

I know it needs a few tweaks just by looking at the pictures, most of which just seem cosmetic which is always reassuring, so I don't see any major spend on things like the kitchen or bathroom (although a viewing would confirm this).

So given the hasty price reductions I reckon it's time to take peek and make an offer, who knows?

If you are the lucky one and want to know how to make a 10% return on your investment, or  if you're thinking of putting an offer in I'd be happy to give you my thoughts before you commit yourself....

Why not give me a call at the office on 01254 760660 or drop by for a coffee... you know where I am... 

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