Friday, 6 March 2015

Over £30k Profit up for grabs on this refub opportunity on Gillibrand St Darwen, from Estate Agents in Darwen

Another Golden Nugget found in Darwen

Well... Debs told me about this golden nugget she got today. 'I've got a cracker for one of your Investors' she said. So naturally, I wanted to know more.

And guess what, she's absolutely right! Vendor wants a quick sale, and looking at this little beauty, that won't be a problem!

So, let's take a look, and do the numbers....

Golden Nugget on Gillibrand St Darwen
It's nothing fancy at the moment, and does certainly require a full refurb. But that shouldn't put off the experienced investor or tradesman wanting to embark on their first do'er-upper.

The potential returns on this one make it a bargain (or golden nugget, as I like to call them).

Needs to be a 3 bedder
Once done up to a 'nice' standard (not a cheap or bad job!) the resale price on this could be as much as £85k, but even more if made into a nice 3 bedder - finished well.

You'd be best speaking to Debs on any plans you might have for a job like this, and listen to what suggestions she has in order to get the best price on re-sale. Our general thinking is this needs to be made into a 3 bed house (it's big enough), as this is where the big bucks are!

Over £30k Profit - lets do the maths...
It's on the market for Offers Over £30k. So let's say you were a cash buyer (very important for these kind of deals), and bagged it for £32k. Then spent £25k on the refurb and then Debs got you £90k, this means you'd be left with a nice tidy profit of £33k.

Now do you see why it's a golden nugget? Do two or three of these a year and it's happy days.

My Verdict: Get it bought!

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