Monday, 28 September 2015

Buy to Let investment on Percival Street Darwen 8%+ Yield Full Refurbed, offered by one of the Estate and Letting Agents in Darwen, highlighted by Paul Ainsworth Lord

This looks interesting, neatly refurbed garden fronted terraced property in a pretty decent spot on Percival Street in Darwen.

It's up with two agents at the moment, one of which is our friends down at Proctors.

It's been up for a while, listed initially in July with one of those online agents, at £75k. Needless to say...... they didn't cut it and had to recruit a local agent (we see it all the time).


Anyway, Ive been in this one, I had a nosy whilst the contractors were in there doing the refurb. Which seems to be a nice neat job too.

Here's the link to it..

Percival St. Darwen - 3 Bed Terraced REDUCED in PRICE

REFURBISHED 3 Bed Terraced

New Kitchen etc


It's a pleasant 3 bed, garden fronted terraced property and finished pretty well. Its in a good spot.

If we were going to offer this for rent I'd be happy if I got £495 for this 3 bedder, and still... 3 bedders are in short supply... everyone's after them!

Having been reduced by a nice fat 5k bringing it down to a tender £69,950 I think it's a decent buy.

So let's look at the numbers....

PP - £70k
Rent- £495pcm x 12 = £5940
Gives a healthy gross yield of 8.5%

Pretty Good eh?

Other things to consider.... how will it appreciate in value going forward? And what are the pitfalls to this street?

Happy to have a chat with you and offer a second opinion should you be thinking of purchasing this one...

You should know where I am by now....

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