Saturday, 7 November 2015

Anchor Estate Darwen, Unsold Opportunity... Reduced! 8.8% Yield - "This should have sold by now," says Paul Ainsworth Lord on Investing in Buy to let opportunities from Estate and Letting Agents in Darwen

This is still available and I don't understand why?

It's been a busy week this week and I was just checking the Darwen property market activity on Rightmove and Zoopla to see if there was anything I had missed.

I came across a few surprises, but one that stands out in particular...


I wrote about one particular property about 3 weeks ago, tipping it as a good buy. It's up with our friends at the YourMove office across from us here in Darwen.

I'm surprised to see it's not flagged as sold. In fact it was subsequently reduced by £5k from £80k to £75k..

The crazy thing is it has a nice and bonny yield of 8.8% with potential to increase this further. It's a no-brainer!

Here' it is:

Have you all spent up?

I think you guys need to check this out, and if you have concerns as to why it hasn't sold give the agents a ring see what they say? Are there problems we can't see in the pictures etc?

Pretty much every property I write about gets snapped up, usually by Landlords and Investors i have spoken to.

Bottom Drawer Secret Property Deals... 
If you spot any other properties you're interested in drop me a line or call in for a coffee (we only do nice coffee!) I can discuss some off market investment properties I've got in my bottom drawer.
These are properties that the owners (mostly retiring Landlords) are looking to sell discreetly, that won't go on the market. I have a steady supply of these and they're all producing nice yields.

You know where I am..

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