Thursday, 23 October 2014

Nice little Darwen cracker here... 20%+ yield

Well, just been checking out what our friends at YourMove Darwen have got on their books, got to keep an eye on the competition :-).... anyway, stumbled across what is potentially a nice little deal here......

Paul Ainsworth Lord Recommends this Investment Property
Great Darwen Investment Property

Dead Duck or Gold Mine?

Letting Agents in Darwen - Ainsworth Lord Estates
Refurbishment Project for Darwen Investor
 Mucky Job?

Stuff like this will be seen by most people as a dead duck, or load of hassle. But in my book it's a golden nugget and I'm always looking for properties like this for my clients, and that's another reason I have to keep checking out what the other estate agents in Darwen are getting on their books.

So where's the money in this I hear you ask?

Well first of all, we don't want to be paying 40k for it! It's worth putting in a cheeky offer on something like this. So let's start at 20k (probably won't be accepted, but you never know!) In all honestly they'll probably throw you out of the office... but hey ho! so, I'd expect to pay about 30k for it. Then it's gonna need a decent spend on it of course. I'd budget about 25k for what I'd do.

There is strong demand in Darwen, with what I'd do with this one, and the returns on it are staggering - not just in terms of rental yield, but capital too. (Despite where it is).

So, you might have noticed, I haven't fully revealed where the money is on this one? But if you're seriously interested in knowing more about how I'd monetize this one, just pop in to my office for a coffee and a chat (bring cream cakes!) and I'll give you my angle on it....

My office is in Darwen town centre, just opposite Boots (and YourMove's office).

Well, better crack on and make a few phone calls. I know several clients that should buy this one!

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