Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Another Investor's Gem on Olive Lane Darwen Purchase Price £50k with 10%+ Yield up with Proctors Estate Agents in Darwen

I like Olive Lane. 

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea..... BUT...

When investing in property most of us know we have to sometimes just look at the numbers.... forget it's not where you would live, which is something I hear all the time, especially from new-ish investors.

It's all about the numbers! 

Put emotions aside and focus on the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet speaks for itself and never lies and doesn't' care if it is somewhere you or your mum might or might not live.

If you're not that well up on spreadsheets, or how to do them, there is plenty of free software.

Spreadsheets Never Lie
Google Docs has easy to use spreadsheets in here:

If you need any help how do create a simple property spreadsheet, there are loads of videos on YouTube, have a look here:

10% Yield not to be ignored.

Anyway, back to a deal I have been watching for a good while now and I think it's time to make a move on this nice little 10%er.

10% Yield not to be missed
It's a nice fully refurbed property on the bottom end of Olive Lane, up with our friends at Proctors.

It was up previously with YourMove and the pictures did look better back then, so don't worry too much about the pictures, as it does look pretty well inside.

I'm confident you'd find a decent tenant for this one with a healthy rent. Nice properties like this always pull in a better type of tenant, and who are prepared to pay a bit more.

Here is is:
I was originally on the market for £52k, but now reduced to just below £50k.
The time is NOW.

My Opinion: BUY NOW

Click here to see refurbed deal on Olive Lane

It looks better than this in real life

Fully Refurbed Throughout

So, what you waiting for... go call Proctors, the estate agent, and book yourself a viewing.

Once you've had a look at it if you want to have a chat about any concerns you have, and pick up a few tips on how to find a cracking tenant at top rent, I'm always happy to discuss it over a brew.

You know where I am... call me or email me, or just drop into the office.

Tel: 01254 760660

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