Friday, 2 January 2015

Derelict Property - Investment Opportunity In Darwen for the Experienced? Too Risky??

Two-For-One Derelict Property Deal.
If I had a quid for for every time I've been asked about this one, I'd be a millionaire by now! well not quite, but you get what I mean.... but no-one seems to have the guts to take it on.

Serious Refurber - only for the experienced Investor

Its a pair of terraces on a gable end, in pretty bad shape, being offered for sale by our friends at Thomas Shaw & Co in Blackburn.

So what would I do with this one? And why hasn't it been snapped up yet?

Well, to someone from out of town it looks a bit of a bargain, and I'm sure its gonna go soon. But us local folks know that Green Street East in Darwen is a tough street and the properties in this area don't fetch much money on a sale or when up for rent - even when done to a fairly good standard.
Because it's tough, unless you're up for a challenge and have a clear plan, a good refurb team behind you this is one to probably stay clear from.

Gable End Refurber - Green Street East Darwen

Thing is, a lot of the people I speak to just want the easy stuff - the straight refurbers or easy renters and projects like this scare most folks.

Having said that, anyone who knows me knows I like a challenge! So can I see the money in this one?

My answer is yes! and some good money too, but you need to have a plan and know what you're doing!

Up for the challenge on this one?

If you also like a challenge and are up for a chat, then give me a ring and I'll talk some more. Here's the deal..... I'll make the coffee, you bring the cream cakes!

I can see a nice little return on this ugly baby! I bet most folk won't.

Here it is...

Derelict Property on Green Street East Darwen

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