Saturday, 21 February 2015

Darwen & Hyndburn are 'Real Property Hot Spots' says Paul Ainsworth Lord, from Ainsworth Lord Estates Agent in Darwen

Investing in property is easy, anyone can do it. Whether you make or lose money is the tricky bit.

The key is to know what to buy and where, and as I'm always banging on about.... you need a plan! Always know what your exit is going to be as this is where the profits are realised.

If you ignore this you're at high risk of making the wrong move which could undermine the whole plan altogether.

As you all know I'm based in Darwen in East Lancashire, but I do my stuff across a much wider patch... including Blackburn, Accrington/Hyndburn, Bolton and other surrounding areas.

But when I got a call from a reporter at the Accrington Observer asking for my comments on the Accrington Property Scene, he seemed pleased to hear what I had to say about Accrington in particular.

Read it here for yourself....

Paul Ainsworth Lord, Ainsworth Lord Estates, Letting Estate Agents in Darwen
Paul Ainsworth-Lord speaks to the Accrington Observer

And as always, If you want to chat about what opportunities I see in East Lancashire, just drop me a line, or call in for a coffee - anytime (you should know by now.. we only do nice coffee).

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