Saturday, 24 October 2015

£40k Bargain Investment Deal on Argyle Street in Darwen, up with YourMove - Estate and Letting Agents in Darwen, spotted by Paul Ainsworth Lord

Calling all Bargain Hunters! 

33% Discount on Argyle Street in Darwen

Well, I was just checking looking to see what bargains I could find on Rightmove this morning and guess what I stumbled across? Don't know why I hadn't spotted this beauty sooner.

It's up for sale with our friends at the YourMove Letting and Estate Agents office here in Darwen, across the road from me.

Reduced from £60k to £40k
Then again it might have been the original price tag of £60k that put me off. But since it's now up for grabs at a whopping 33% discount - only £40k it's certainly on my radar now!

What's the catch? 
Before you all start scrambling for your phones... what has gone wrong here? Should we not be smelling a rat, given the big discount?

I can only assume given the length of time it's been on the market (quite a while) and the number of price reductions there's clearly more to this than meets the eye, or is there?

Can't be much wrong with it?
Given I've been in the property business most of my life, and professionally for the last 15 years or so, even at £40k - there can't be that much wrong
with it, surely?

Can't be this bad?
At worst.... if it needs a 'full job' on it to restore it to a good standard, I've never spent more than £30k on a major refurb on this type of property. So at worst, after works etc it's only going to stand the buyer at say... £65k - which means its still a cracking deal. The asking prices on this street tells me this is a bargain waiting to be snapped up!

Here it is:

Bargain on Argyle Street, Darwen
Numbers.... I like the numbers..

Well, lets suppose you bag it for £40k and spend £30k on the refurb. It's going to stand you at £70k.

Given we have budgeted a for a top end refurb here I think we should get £500pcm for it quite easily (probably more).

That means you'd be getting a nice healthy 8.6% Yield. And if we got £525pcm it wood be a nice juicy 9%.

And on top of this you have Capital appreciation - the cream!

If you see any other potential bargains and would like a second opinion, you know where I am, call in for a coffee and a chat.

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