Friday, 16 October 2015

£85k for 3 bed semi on Snape St (Top End) not bad? Refurb Renter opportunity here with Proctors - Estate and Letting Agents in Darwen, spotted by Local Property Expert - Paul Ainsworth Lord

Should I. Shouldn't I?
Finding decent refurb deals is getting harder and harder. Its famine or feast with these.

Now, this isn't a brilliant deal, but it's got potential..... as they say.

We've done loads this year for various clients, and helped many others with their own... just keeping them straight with a few tips here and there....

Could this be one for you?

Take a look, here it is, just click the link:

Potential Refurber to keep and rent out

3 Bed Semi Refurb & Keep?

It's not been on very long, and I doubt they'll be queuing round the block to snap this one up.

No Money in this? Or is there?

Most of the refurb investors/buyers like to get in do the work and get out again, take their profit and move on to the next one.But for these guys thee is no money on it when you look at what they bring when done up.

Here's Another Angle...

UNLESS however, you're one of those that is happy to buy, refurb and keep it and rent it out. If you are then this is probably one for you.

Purchase Price is £85k
Needs a healthy spend.. so lets say £15k
Stand you at £100k .

Rental income from his probably £600pcm depending on finish.

Yield: 7.2% 

That's not bad, given you shouldn't have (hardly) any maintenance going forward.

If you were down south you could get caught up in a fight for this sort of yield. Have I got you thinkng?

Second Opinion?
If you want to have a chat about this in more detail or hear a second opinion, why not give me a call or bob in for a coffee? I'm always happy to have a chat.... no obligation whatsoever..

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