Sunday, 19 April 2015

9% Yield on Lord St Darwen, up with an Estate Agents in Darwen. found by Paul Ainsworth Lord

An Easy 9% Yield up for grabs here...

Properties with yields above 7% have been a bit thin on the ground this last few months. But, then this one bobbed up the other day and caught my eye. Certainly worth looking at, given there's an easy 9% return to be had on this one.

It's up for sale with one of the Estate Agents in Darwen - our friends across the road from my office, in the YourMove Agency.

9% 'er on Lord St in Darwen - No Brainer!

Here's the link to it:

Hopefully, they won't have tipped off some of their registered investors to this one.

Good Rental St and tenants tend to stay long term.

I know Lord St pretty well, and they always rent pretty well on there. We have several we manage on this street and they all bring in decent rents, and as it happens the turnover is low, which is always a bonus and helps to keep the yields up.

It Needs a bit of TLC - but that's not unusual at this price.

Now this property is nothing fancy, and looking at the pictures closely, it's clear that this one needs a bit of TLC to bring the standard up a bit, but don't let that put you off.

After all properties in this price range are becoming harder and harder to find in Darwen. So if I was buying it I'd expect to have to spend a few bob on it anyway.

Needs a bit of TLC

My Suggestion: BUY

But I don't like that street?

This is something I hear some of the less experienced investors say when I recommend they buy properties on streets they wouldn't perhaps live on themselves.

Well forget that. This is an investment business guys. All you need to focus on is this...

  1. How much is it?
  2. How much do i need to spend on it?
  3. Will it rent out?
  4. How much rent will I get, and what's the yield?
  5. Will it go up in value?

In our business answers that can satisfy the above questions are all that matter.

You heard it here.... buy this one. It will be a nice addition to any portfolio.

If you're still unsure or what to have a chat about this one, or any others you have seen, then why not give me a ring? or ping me an email?

(Or of course you could bob into the office for a coffee and a chat)

you should know here I am by now..
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