Sunday, 26 April 2015

Real Investment Opportunity - This property looks cheap, on Redearth Rd Darwen.

Real £55k Bargain, but avoid using Blue....

To Cheap? or Too Good to be True, or is it the Blue Paint?

I've always said that Blue is the worst colour to use in our job, it just doesn't help sell or rent houses.

So why hasn't this one sold? Now whether I can blame the use of blue paint on this one might be stretching it a bit?

Avoid using Blue!
Have a look for yourself, here's the link...

Up at £55k with our friends at Proctors, this property up Redearth Road in Darwen, just up from the town centre, looks like a real bargain to me.

Now I have to qualify that a bit because there are no photos with this listing, other than the front picture, AND I haven't been or seen in side it, so it could be a real mess?

Probably needs a good spend....
That said, Ive seen some messes in my time and 20-30k will go an awful long way on a refurb, and a proper refurb at that! (that includes the £100 to repaint the front a different colour)

So if I bought it and had to spend £30k on it it would be a mint job and be worth a lot more - and pull a very handsome rent too. So at worst it still looks a very good buy.

Get the refurb right - get the right profit.

Getting refurbs right is important and shouldn't be ignored.
Whilst in my job I see some real wrecks that need refurbing, I also see some shameful refurbs that cost the investor a fortune - and that's not as uncommon as it sounds. Bad tiling, bad decorating, bad kitchen fitting, and the rest.

Getting the refurb right is where the profit is, and you might have hear me say... 'the money is (always) in the detail', try to remember this.

I have huge portfolio of refubs I can show you if you get chance to call in. Some from as low as £7k (mini refurbs) and others over £100k.

So what's so good about this one?

So what else makes this one a good buy, surely it's 'just another' fifty grander in Darwen? I hear you ask...

Well, I know Darwen like the back of my hand, and we have several other properties on Redearth Rd. and this block in particular and they all pull in decent rents.

These bay window, garden fronted ones are 'huge' inside. Plus they have big cellars too and so appeal to a wide audience house hunters - both for renting and buying.

Also, they do bring good prices on this row, and we get premium rents on this block just because of the size of them.

PS.. Debs in our office sold one on this block not long ago and got over £75k for it - and that needed a full refurb.

My Opinion - Buy (But do view it first)

Hopefully you haven't missed it.

If you want me to view it for you give me a ring, or ping me an email. I'd be more than happy to. I could give you a 'ball park' on the works needed and get our contractors to price up the job if you buy it.

Or of course, just bob into the office for a coffee and a chat.

(I'm also happy to discuss and offer a second opinion on anything else you might have seen in Darwen.)
Tel 01254 760660

49 Market St 
(There's plenty parking)

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