Sunday, 12 April 2015

Wow! 12% Property Investment from Estate Agents in Darwen, Paul Ainsworth Lord

Well property hunters, I've come across this little hidden gem on Frances St in Darwen, that looks like it could potentially give us a luvvly 12% yield.

But surely it's not as good as it sounds, is it? I hear you ask yourself....

Well. On the face of it, that's what the numbers tell me. The snag is, without a viewing we can't really be that sure. But hey ho, it's only a phone call away. And if your from out of town I'll view it for you and let you have my thoughts,I can't offer better than that?

This property has been on a while with our friends in the Darwen YourMove office, and obviously hasn't sold yet. I wonder why?

12% We'll have a load of these, yes please!
Here's the link to it...

Well, if you have a look at the listing on zoopla etc... you will see that they are economical with the pictures they have used. There are no pictures of the bathroom or kitchen - and as us property investors know, these are the two most important rooms in the property when it comes to both selling or renting.

And the absence of these important pictures stops potential viewers in their tracks (It's not rocket science).

Font Lounge Picture - but that's all

If this little baby needs either or both of these upgrading then we will need to add a further cost to our purchase price.

A nice bathroom and kitchen will cost around 5k. So it's not the end of the world and still a decent buy (albeit reduce the yield by a few percent). But viewing will help solve this mystery.

We have properties on this street tht rent out no problem at all, and we get decent rents and returns on them. So this once is certainly one I think is worth a closer look.

As always, if you want to chat some more about this little baby and perhaps any others you are considering, I'm always happy to offer a second opinion.

Why not bob in to the office for a coffee and a chat (we only do nice coffee). Or ping me an email on:
My number is 01254 760660.

Always happy to offer a second opinion...
We only do nice coffee!

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