Sunday, 14 June 2015

9% Yield up Sunnyhurst, Darwen. Cracking Investment Opportunity for wannabe Landlords offered for sale by Ainsworth Lord Estate Agents in Darwen

9-10% Yield rising to around 15%
Thinking of buying another Renter in Darwen? 

Here's the one to consider....  
Sunnyhurst - Yield: 9%+

It's not very often I come across many properties in the Sunnyhurst Area of Darwen that can deliver these kind of yields.

This in my book is a true diamond deal! And I bet hardly anyone has spotted the real opportunity here!
Harwood Street, Darwen Investors Dream Property
9%-10% in this part of town is almost unheard of. 

But take a look at this little baby and see if you can spot the opportunity here. I best most folks won't be able to spot it, which is more the reason to go check it out.

Now I like these kind of properties. Different, got an angle in it, high yield, great capital growth opportunity, high demand, great area, no brainer! (All good words in my book).

The 9%-10% bit is just for starters! The potential yield on this after a few tweaks we could get this into double digit returns no problem! (and some additional equity too).

For sale at £95k (Cheap really)
I'd get you £550-£600pcm for this.
Now, I normally steer investors away from properties in this price bracket, but given what you're going to get for your money makes this a proper decent buy!

Our Debs has it up for sale at £94,950 and I know she is keen to get some offers in on this one.

So if you're looking for another buy to let investment property in Darwen, I strongly suggest you book in a viewing with Ainsworth Lord Estates on 01254 760660. and once you've viewed it you should make an offer asap before it gets snapped up.
Basement Flat - £425pcm
So why is it such a good buy, I hear you ask?

Well, basically, you're getting 2 for the price of 1.

The house itself with a few tweaks would rent easily.
I reckon finished nicely (I have some very clear suggestions that would to be followed) I could get you £550-£600 on it. So working on the lower number of £550, that's £6,600pa

It's a buy!
Separate Access to Basement Flat
And the basement flat... well again a few tweaks needed, but then I'd get around £425pcm for this, which is £5,100 pa. That gives a total monthly income of £975pcm, which is £11,700pa, based on sensible numbers.

Then we have the uplift in value post tweaks. Can you see why it's a no-brainer?

The works I'm suggesting are nothing serious, and not expensive either. But this is something we can discuss if you wish. In the meantime I suggest you get the viewing done. If you're one of my out of town investors, then give me a ring and I'll go through it on the phone.

I have some more diamonds I've spotted up with some of the other estate agents in Darwen which I'll be sharing with you soon.

So if you haven't already registered to receive my email alerts can I suggest you do so now.

In the meantime, If you see anything of interest ping me an email to

or call in for a coffee and a chat, you know where I am:

Paul Ainsworth Lord
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