Tuesday, 2 June 2015

10.6% Yield on Laurel Avenue, Darwen, not to be missed. spotted by Paul Ainsworth Lord, up for sale for £45k with one of the Estate Agents in Darwen

10.6% Yield up for Grabs on Laurel Avenue in Darwen

Reduced by £10k - from £55k to £45k

Finding bargains in Darwen with a potential yield in excess of 10% has been slightly harder this last month. They all seem to have been getting snapped up as soon as they came to market.

Opportunities in Darwen are getting snapped up quicker than ever before.

It's a sure sign people are catching on to the higher returns and glorious opportunities up for grabs here in Darwen. Although, that said, there seems to have been a dip in the number of bargains coming to market too. I constantly watch what each of the Estate Agents in Darwen put on the market on a daily basis.

When this Garden Fronted Mid Terrace Property came on the market a couple of months ago, it was on at £55k. Now given it does need a bit of work, I just pretty much ignored it, but now that our friends at Proctors Estate Agents have reduced it to £45k - knocking a nice £10k off the price it now gets my attention.

Here's the little baby..
Reduced by £10k Now offering over 10% Yield

How much work it needs is yet to be properly assessed, but given we now have an attractive asking price, we can allow for that.

What to do now?

My suggestion would be to book yourself a viewing and providing there are no major issues, I'd suggest you put a cheeky offer in to start the negotiations. If you were to get this one for £40k I think you will have done well.

Properties in this area rent well, and the rents are decent too when they're presented well. If you do a nice finish on this one it would get snapped up pretty quick for sure. Of course, the final rent is directly linked to the standard of the finished product.

My Opinion: Buy

If you're looking at buying anything in Darwen and want a second opinion on it before you commit yourself, feel free to drop me an email, or give me a ring. 

Or drop in to my office for a coffee...

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