Monday, 8 June 2015

Investment Property on Preston Street Back on the Market - Potential 10% Yield at offers over £45k

10% Yield Easy...
Sale Fallen Through - Preston St in Darwen

Offers Over £45k - I don't think so.....

Just noticed another potential 10% Yielding property come back to the market on Preston St. I'd noticed it had sold, but for some reason the sale seems to have fallen through and it's back on the market with our friends at the YourMove Darwen office, across from us here in the town centre.

Here it is:

Potential Nice Deal on Preston St

Needs a few quid spending on it

Demand or rental properties on Preston St is always pretty steady, so I'm always interested in properties that come up for sale on here and especially the neighbouring streets.

On these streets we can get rents from £395 - £475 (and as high as £500 sometimes) quite easily, depending on condition, finish and features available.

This one looks as though it needs some TLC... I'd think about 5-10 k should be enough.

Given the sale has fallen through on this, I see an opportunity for a cheeky bid and generally speaking cheeky bids work well in these sort of situations.

My advice is go on ..... make a cheeky bid at £40k and take it from there. If you want
Go on, be Cheeky!
some help on this give me a ring and I'll talk you through how to turn a cheeky bid into a successful bid.

Or why not call in to my office and we can discuss it in person... I'm always happy to discuss these techniques and offer some advice on the works and jobs to do to help secure the optimum rental return. (so you don't make those little mistakes that can cost you lower rents and longer void periods. There is a bit of a science to this...

You know where I am...

There are four Estate Agents in Darwen.... my office is at
Ainsworth Lord Estates 
49 Market Street

Tel 01254 760660
in case you just want to email me here's my email address:

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