Monday, 25 May 2015

Commercial Investment Opportunity in Darwen up for grabs with Proctors, Estate Agents in Darwen

Investment Commercial Property Darwen- It's got potential....

I don't often highlight commercial properties. But this bobbed up on my radar and I think it's worth a punt.

On the market with one of the Estate Agents in Darwen at a sensible £35k, this mid-terraced commercial property seems right money to me.

Needs a fair bit of work
There is a catch though... I believe it need a good spend on it, as it needs a full refurb. Now sometimes with commercial properties this can be expensive.

Given it's been advertised at an attractive price (some agents do this to get lots of interest) I dare say there will be some serious interest in it and you could end up paying too much for it, so be careful.

Lets's say you paid £45k for it and it needs £20k spending on it.
This means it will stand you at £65. This in turn means we'd need to get a decent rent on it to make it a worthwhile investment. An ideal addition to a portfolio to add some diversity.

Still worth checking out though.

Here it is:

Commercial Property for Sale on Duckworth St. Darwen

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