Saturday, 9 May 2015

10% Yield on Lomax Street Darwen from Ainsworth Lord Estate Letting Agents in Darwen

Here's a cracker for you savvy Investors - a nice 10% Return on this neat little jobby, a nice and simple mid-terraced property on Lomax Street in Darwen.

It's one that came in the other day. Landlord is emmigrating and is off-loading a few properties. So watch out for them on here.

I've Some More of these Nice Little Earners to come in the next week or so.

Might need a fresh paint job this summer on the outside
We'll be listing them once I've checked them all out.

Luckily this is one that we tenanted, so we know it's a decent house for the money AND we know it's a decent tenant in there too.

We are the strictest agent on our patch when it comes to vetting tenants. We need to be these days, all the tricks they come up with.

Here's the link to it:

Perfect deal on Lomax Street in Darwen - click here

Mint Kitchen
Comes with Good Tenant in situ and Pays on time
Tenant pays on time and looks after the property well and has no plans to move. We do intend to renew the tenancy in time for change of ownership.

 TIP - Always try and do this when you buy a ready tenanted property.

Rear Reception Room
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More coming soon...

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