Wednesday, 20 May 2015

7.5% Return on your money with Natwest Bank, only at the Darwen Branch. Discovered by Paul Ainsworth Lord, Estate Lettings Agents in Darwen

Get 7.5% return on your money from the Darwen Natwest Branch. (or £500 per week)

Well, fellow Landlord Investors, we are always comparing the returns we get from property against what we can get for it in the bank.

 Well this last week I saw the for sale sign go up at our local branch of the Natwest in Darwen, and me being me, wanted to know how much it was up for. I though it mght be an ideal purchase for one of my other Landlords given we have all the flats above, so to have the ground floor as well would work nicely.

7.5% on with Natwest Bank, only in Darwen

Cheaper than I thought.......
Well, to my surprise, to buy the bank wasn't as much as I had expected.

If you check out the auctioneers website and look at lot 60 you will see the guide price is a tidy £350k.

But is it as good as it seems, I hear you ask yourself?

 Is it really as good as it sounds?

£500 Sterling
£500 per week  in rent? Well, maybe, maybe not. It will depend on how much interest there is on it at the auction on the day. 
£500 per week, really?
As we all know auction rooms are somewhat unredictable and it's really a case of who's there on the day in most cases, but no doubt this type of investment is likely to appeal to some of the corporate investors wh like this kind of tenant. Let's face it the chances of the not paying their rent is slim to very slim at best.

What other factors are there to consider then?

I know for sure that with this building there are service charges for the building, and whilst these are not unreasonable they have to be factored in.

Secondly, the insurance for the building has to be paid by the tenants, and when we got the insurance renewal earlier this year it was (in our opinion) grossly over inflated - in fact insured for more than double it's worth. Needless to say we have appealed this.
Don't forget Management Costs

How long is the lease for with Natwest, how are the rent reviews structured, and are there any break-clauses? Who pays for maintenance? etc...

The thing is a lot of these costs are out of the owners control to some degree and challenging any of them is a mighty feat. 

So, whilst it looks pretty good at 7.5% should we all be running to the bank to buy it? After management company costs etc (details of which should be in the legal pack - available from the auctioneers), who knows?

The other thing to consider, which you should always have in mind before you buy any property, is the exit? Who would you rent it to next?

I'd say it would make a superb Starbucks!

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