Monday, 18 May 2015

Block of Apartments with 10.5% Yield, Rising to 15% on Blackburn Road in Darwen

Block of 4 Flats on Blackburn Road in Darwen - pulling in a very healthy 10.5% Yield, Rising to a mighty 15% after a few quid spend.

£200k down and get £21k a Year Return

 (for starters)

It's all about the yield
From my experience of dealing with lots of new landlord investors, it has become apparent not everyone is into flats.

I don't know why this is as there doesn't seem to be a patten to it. I then find myself reminding investors that it's all about the returns on your investment ie the yields.

Mind shifting...

So keeping things simple, when we look at the annual income you would get on a deal like this it is surely a mind shifting thing?

It's on the market for £195,000 with us at Ainsworth Lord Estate Agents in Darwen, see what you think.  Click here to view property details

Block of 4 Flats, Blackburn Rd Darwen.
Look at in very simpler terms....

Put £200k in the bank and you might get £4,000 if you're luck to get a 2% return. If you spend the £4k then all you have left is your £200k. (Which because you've spent the interest it now won't buy you what it would have done when you first put it in the bank.)
So the value of your money has gone down.

Darwen Property Prices are on the up...
With property it's different and especially now given we are seeing strong demand and healthy property price rises here in Darwen.

Property is a Double Wammy?

So.. you put your £200k into a property like this and it pulls in £21k a year (10.5%) in rent.
Firstly that's a good income agreed? Now if you spend it all that's fine. Now if you were to sell the property say a few years later I bet my bottom dollar you would get a good bit more than £200k for it. It becomes a double wammy, don't you think.

Ok, don't forget you have to remember there will be some maintenance, a few void periods in-between tenants etc., and letting agents fees. But still it makes a great deal.

Food for thought?

Hopefully, my few words will get you thinking. There are loads of other types of properties that are superb investments and no doubt I'll touch upon these in time to come.

But if before then, you ever you see anything you think might be worth investing in and are unsure just give me a call. I am more than happy to give you my take on it.

Diamonds are everywhere, even in the most unexpected places....

I'm involved with all types of properties and some are amazingly profitable like you wouldn't believe, so much so you couldn't imagine it to be true. Only the other day I was doing the numbers on a deal with a 40% Yield! Yes these types of property investments are out there... right under your very nose, often in the most unexpected of places.

And that's why I say... Darwen is my very own place with Acres of Hidden Diamonds and some of the precious finds are worth more than any diamond I've seen.

Yo know where I am...

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