Sunday, 17 May 2015

7%+ Yield on Richmond Terrace in Darwen. Needs a bit of work though. A good buy and hold?

I see that our friends at Proctors, one of the Estate Agents in Darwen, have just listed for sale this garden fronted terraced property on Richmond Terrace in Darwen.

Asking Price £55k - not bad, in fact - not bad at all. 

Needs a bit of work

Check it out, click here:  Richmond Terrace Darwen

"Looks a good buy to me for £55k"

I see from the pictures and description it has had a new roof not that long ago, so that's good news. But it does need a decent spend on the rest of the house.

Needs some work...

I reckon it needs a minimum of £10k spending on it, that's if you can do the work yourself? If you have to pay contractors then you can double it at least.

So £55k Plus £10k - it'll stand you at £65k And we'd get you a rent of anything from £400 - £450 depending on how good a job you do.

Rental Values:
At £400 that would be a yield of 7.3%
At £450 that would be 8.3%

As the figures suggest, it's always best to do a proper job, and they rent much better, quicker and tenants stay longer.

Rental Demand for this area?

Strong Rental Demand Area

Richmond Terrace is just up past the railway station, so it's great for commuters who want to get to Manchester or Blackburn etc... It'd dead handy for town too - only a short walk away. And parking is ok up here too.

Good Capital Return
The area as a whole is on the up which means the capital return on your investment is pretty secure. In fact in 10 years time you'll be saying to yourself... "we should have bought next door too".

Seen something else?
If you have your eye on anything else, or looking to sell any of your renters, just give me a call and we can chat some more.

Or better still bob in to see me and we can discuss it over a coffee (we only do nice coffee you know).

here's my details...

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